Bullet Journal

Okay y’all.. I have been doing a little bit of research on this thing called a “bullet journal.” At first I wasn’t all that interested due to the fact that I have tried to journal before and would quit after a few days. I have tried the old fashion way of just sitting down to write, and I failed. I quickly got bored with that and most of the time, my hand would start to hurt. I have tried using an app on my phone. I failed at that too and lost $5 in the process. Again, I got bored with it just simply because it was taking too long for me to log everything.

Now I am sure you are thinking, where in the world am I going with this. I like the idea of “traditional journaling” but I can’t stand how long it takes. I also like the idea of fitness journals but usually those are strictly for fitness and does not allow for any other type of documentation. I want to be able to keep up with my workouts, homework, life events and things of that nature in one organized place. That is where the bullet journal comes into play.

The best way to describe the bullet journal is a simple and quick way of documenting your life in one notebook. I like that I can include every aspect of my life in one journal while being organized. I can track my workouts, water intake, meals, grocery list while keeping track of my other life events. It’s literally a journal of bullet points and I love how simple that is  yet you can still be creative with it. Boho Berry has great examples of what your bullet journal could look like.

So I am going to try to give this bullet journal thing a try and I will let give you guys an update at the end of the month. Hopefully, I’ll have some images of my own journal to share with you guys! I really hoping that this is the answer to my journaling problems and maybe some of yours!


3 thoughts on “Bullet Journal

      1. keepsmeoutofmischief says:

        I host a #zentangleinspiration challenge on Instagram. The idea is that you develop a bank of ideas for zentangle designs by creating a small design each day based on the word of the day. There’s a post on my blog about it. If you like doodles, I think you’d like this too!


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